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Coil Manufacture AC and DC

11Kv Diamond and Concentric Coil

James Coil Spreading Machine at Chesterfield

Engineer Coil Taping

Copper Rolling Mill in Coil Shop Chesterfield

Engineers Working in Coil Manufacturing Facilities

 Picture of 210kw Traction Motor Field Coil

Kapton Covered Traction Armature Coils

ERIKS coil manufacturing process is right by your side, wherever you are in the world - ready to respond with coils to your specification, complete winding kits and professional experience to provide technical assistance and guidance throughout on site rebuild programmes or entire refurbishments of machinery.

The ERIKS Chesterfield coil manufacturing service couldn't be easier to use.

Because of our knowledge and wide experience we are able to tailor make precisely the right coil or component using correct materials directly from information supplied by the customer on a logical step by step information recording form.

ERIKS have also developed dependable insulation systems to make coil storage without deterioration a viable alternative to emergency repairs without the problems of extended machine shut down.

Our engineers are ready at all times to give technical assistance or supervision of local labour with contracts currently encompassing India, USA, Africa, Middle East, Canada, Caribbean and many other locations throughout Europe.

Naturally we are also able simply to despatch coils or winding kits for on site work and installation by customers own workforce and in these instances ERIKS technical advice is readily available to answer every question.

We can help you save money. We are here to help and assist in every way we can to get jobs done responsibly in the most efficient way possible.

  • Specifications designed by specialist engineers
  • Approved by various authorities including British Rail, Ministry of Defence tp AQP 4 and 9, National Power, British Coal, British Gas, QUASCO and Shell, and from overseas - power generators, rail networks, mining and general industries
  • ERIKS Coil Manufacturing Process is strictly controlled to ISO 9000 quality standards
  • Wide range of insulation materials and impregnants
  • 24 hour service
  • Coils for all applications including hazardous environmental conditions
  • Fast delivery
  • Emphasis on fast, quality service and competitive price
  • Back up support world wide

Typical types of coils made by our Coil Shops

  • Traction coils
  • D.C. Amature coils
  • Equaliser coils
  • D.C. Field coils
  • DC Interpole coils
  • Compensating coils
  • A.C. formed coils up to 440 Volts
  • AC formed coils up to 3,300 Volts
  • A.C. formed coils up to 6,600 Volts
  • A.C. formed coils up to 11,000 Volts
  • A.C. formed coils up to 13,800 Volts
  • Turbo altrernator coils

Coil Manufacture Location:

ERIKS UK Distribution and Engineering Service Centre,
Wharf Lane,
S41 7NB
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 1246 245720
The site also rewinds coils for various sizes of motor.
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