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 Engineers in Commutators Workshop

Engineer Working on Industrial Flexible Riser

Picture of a Flyer Commutator

Banded Segments of a commutator

ERIKS owned Lambeth Commutators have a long history in the manufacture and supply of standard and specials which stretches back over 60 years. We have been supplying to end users, OEM’s and to the electric motor repair industry globally.

Our support to customers is backed up by a huge library of drawings which enables rebuild and redesign, as well as production of new commutators and includes both the copper segments and steel hubs.

In addition, we carry a large range of special copper section which is specifically used as its properties enhance the life of the motors. This is done through its ability to withstand heat and stress for prolonged periods and suitable for such applications such as can be found in the railway industry, steel, mining, paper and marine sectors.

Production is mostly achieved through the supply of drawings, however, we are also able to produce from samples. All carry a warranty for 12 months.

Commutators are all fully machined steel units and are therefore most suitable for larger, more robust applications — railway traction motors being an example. Typically these range between 100mm and 1500mm in diameter. For more light duty, less aggressive applications, where moulded commutators might be more cost effective, we offer a range from 20mm to 1000mm.

In addition, ERIKS manufacture the Mica V Cones in house. These are produced to Class F grade and are all pressured and heat stabilised and ensure optimisation of the insulation.
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