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Condition Monitoring Online

Online condition monitoring
Condition Monitoring is only as good as the data taken and the only way of ensuring maximum plant uptime is to ensure the data is monitored permanently.

ERIKS offer customers the best online condition monitoring system through our knowledge of what's out in the marketplace. the system is designed, installed and commissioned so the customer gets permanent monitoring and can view their data on-site or via an online portal, Machine WebWatch, which can transmit alerts by SMS and email.

From here the customer can see how the machines are performing, via the confi gurable screens, which can be as simple as a set of lights or as detailed as an analysis of the defect and the corrective action required.

ERIKS has the largest team of condition monitoring personnel and monitors more critical equipment than anyone else in the marketplace. We also have the experience to select the attributes and alert levels specific to the application and to suit the customer's requirements.

Machine WebWatch System

  • Allows customers to go online to see how their machines are performing
  • Sends out SMS or email alerts when an alarm is triggered
  • Gives ERIKS technicians direct access to the system via a secure VPN connection
  • Allows further analysis or alteration of the confi guration without going on-site, saving time and money

An example of this system has been installed at Revolvo - ERIKS' bearing manufacturing premises in Dudley - which is fully web-enabled and viewed via the internet portal, as well as enabling remote analysis of the machine by ERIKS technicians if an alarm is triggered.

ERIKS monitors the grinding machine at Revolvo using IFM Octavis VSE 100 with
Hansford Sensors' accelerometers, through an ERIKS-built converter.

Features of this specific system are:

  • VSE100 has 8 digital inputs/outputs, 2 4-20mA inputs, 1 4-20mA output and
    1 logic output along with 30 internal variants (22 connected via SCADA)
  • Non-volatile memorySpectral analysis
  • OPC ethernet connection
  • 4-20mA speed input
  • Low cost

Benefits you could also share:

  • Virtually seamless integration with site machinery and limitless configurability
  • Non-volatile - Unit does not lose its programming when powered off
  • Frequencies can be scrutinised or ignored depending on machine construction, for example gear mesh can be ignored but gearmesh sidebands and harmonics analysed
  • Can be connected to your SCADA system, allowing the information supplied to be easily displayed locally or globally
  • Alarms can be altered using the speed reference
  • Spectral information (harmonics of shaft speed for instance) can be tracked
  • A four bearing solution is £000s cheaper than the nearest equivalent
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