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Condition Monitoring Products by Monitran

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Monitran MTN5000 open

Monitran. A leader in the design, development and manufacture of sensors and systems for vibration, proximity and displacement measurement. Through ERIKS we would like to highlight the following products.


The MTN/5000 is housed in an extruded aluminium cabinet and is a cost effective entry level dedicated condition monitoring solution.
  • 12 analogue channel monitoring system
  • 12 digital I/O channels
  • 3.5 TFT touch screen
  • 1m/s data sampling
  • 24V DC operation
  • Modbus TCP/IP option available

ATEX Approved Sensors with Temperature

New to market, the MTN/2285IT and MTN/2200IT series of sensors are ideal for measuring vibration levels and temperature in areas where explosive gases, liquids or dust may be present.

  • Certified to ATEX and IECEx Group II
  • DC current outputs
  • 4-20mA (mm/s) velocity and 10mV/oC temperature
  • Operating temperature is certified to T6 (-55oC ≤ Ta ≤ +45oC)

  • Certified to ATEX and IECEx Group II
  • Constant current accelerometer and DC current output
  • 100mV/g and 10mV/oC temperature
  • Operating temperature is certified to T6 (-55oC ≤ Ta ≤ +45oC)

General Sensors

Our products include general and special purpose accelerometers, velocity sensors, eddy current probes and LVDTs. They are used in a diverse range of applications including industrial processing, power stations, water treatment, wind turbines, mining and the oil and gas industry. As an OEM we can also provide a full custom design and development service.

We have three categories of general purpose accelerometer which can be singularly or a combination of manufactured to ATEX and IECEx Group I and II, waterproof (IP68):
  • AC output units suitable for vibration analysis with hand-held and online vibration analysers
  • DC output units suitable for machine protection, ideal for direct input to PLC, DCS and other industrial controllers
  • Dual purpose combinations of the above
  • Special purpose sensors for high temperature applications, AC velocity, modal analysis and tri-axial measurements

For further information please contact your local ERIKS representative.
Monitran Vibration Sensors Products

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