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Cutting Tools

Cutting tool toolbox

Cutting Tools available in our range include, drills, drill sets, metric taps, and holesaws for every professionally equipped workshop confidently backed by our leading supplies that include Format, Dormer and Guhring.

Centre drills and jobber drills are a key feature of our cutting tools product range all offering an array of coated materials and solutions to suit your needs.

Jobber drills can be matched for general machining applications that require cutting tools for maintenance. You can choose from a range of coated jobber drills for more precise bespoke needs offering extended tool life and increased performance.

Further options available that should be considered when purchasing jobber drills is the application you are working on. Variations of shapes and sizes are designed specifically for instances such as machining between centres, high temperatures when drilling on higher tensile tougher materials and where industries can require cutting tools to be designed distinctively to suit there need such as the aerospace industry.

Cutting tool drill sets come with either a robust stylish metal case or well-sized plastic container that offers a general-purpose engineering drill for all-purpose applications.

As a standard feature, these cutting tools are available with a tin tip coating for extended tool life and increased performance with a self-centering split point for superb positional accuracy.

Holesaws in our range are constructed of hardened, heat and abrasion resisting high-speed steel teeth with a tough alloy body and cap. This gives them exceptional strength, durability and shatter resistance for your own safety. You can select from a wide multi purpose range that can be used to cut any wood, metal or plastic in either a hand-held drill or a drill press.

Custom-built kits are an option when catering for industry specific requests. General-purpose kits are available for electricians fully kitted out for every possibility.

A more comprehensive range of our cutting tool products include: drills, countersinks, reamers, tapping tools, milling tools, metal circular saws, holesaws, jig and compass saw blades, band saws, and lathe tools.

Availability is key and no other company has such large stocks available to ensure we always have what you need. The stocks are held in a central 40,000 square foot warehouse where a team pick, pack and despatch direct to you within hours of the order being received. Your order will then be with you within 48 hours or sooner if you need all for a small carriage cost.

Our team of dedicated product specialists can provide expert engineering solutions using a broad range of products, as well as helping and advising on selection, integration, customisation, and supply methods.

To request a copy of our tools and maintenance catalogue, click here or call your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000.
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