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DLA Dielectric Loss Analysis Units

High Voltage Stator

Dielectric Loss Analysis (DLA), Over many years has proved to be the most effective method of monitoring the condition of the electrical insulation of high voltage machines. Although now superseded by on-line partial discharge testing, DLA still has its place where Rogowski coils or capacitive couplers are not fitted.

This invaluable technique DLA Dielectric Loss Analysis can be used to determine defined levels of damaging internal and external electrical discharges that can rapidly erode the electrical insulation if left undetected.

When DLA Dielectric Loss Analysis is used in conjunction with our TVA probe technique it is possible to determine the very source of external discharges and their intensity.
Dielectric Loss Analyser

Following an off-line DLA Dielectric Loss Analysis survey a fully detailed report of a machine's condition will be given. The DLA report will include AC & DC insulation values, capacitances and changes in the capacitance and resistances with increase in applied voltage, the levels of discharge and the discharge inception voltages.

After all of these DLA measurements have been studied with the oscillograph traces and the tan delta results, ERIKS will provide an accurate analysis for any high voltage machines electrical insulation above 4200 volt.

This information is based on over 30 years of DLA testing and a library of information collected over this period of time. The same expertise has been instrumental in ERIKS creating their self-diagnosing partial discharge analyser. Early detection of unsuspected faults can prevent expensive unplanned shutdown of manufacturing plants such as chemical production.

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