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ERIKS Asset Guard and Asset Guard Plus

ERIKS Asset Guard installed condition monitoring systems are a simple easy to install sensor network that can share the information via the internet cloud. Available in two versions, each handling 4, 6, or 8 channels/sensors as standard, it a hub between the sensors and your other systems and support teams depending on application.

The two levels are:
  • ERIKS Asset Guard System
  • ERIKS Asset GuardPLUS using the ERIKS Know-how Cloud
  • asset guard outline
    The key though, to any installed condition monitoring system is in its design, this ultimately sets the effectiveness on down time reduction and maintenance cost management, to find out more about system design and how ERIKS can help visit or to find out more about sensors available from us.

    The flexibility of the ERIKS Asset Guard allows it to work as a wired or wireless hub, a cellular or network gateway or an access point depending on how its configure, this simply means that no matter what your setup, the asset guard can be configure to suit allowing you and your team to monitor your critical assets performance and reliability.

    Which should you choose, the early warning alert or the full supported diagnostic platform.

    ERIKS Asset Guard System
  • Time-based readings
  • Warning if pre-set parameter exceeded
  • Text or email warnings

    ERIKS Asset GuardPLUS using the know-how cloud
  • Continual readings
  • Warning of intermittent incidents
  • Trend identification
  • Text or email warnings
  • Safe shut down
  • Asset performance data
  • Diagnostic and prognostic evaluation
    (when linked to the know-how Cloud)
  • asset guard network
    Easy Installation
    Both system levels can be installed as standalone, mobile, wireless, or wired-in to your existing SCADA system using the standard MODBUS protocol. Both have panel or rugged IP rated casing mounting options.
  • No IT expertise necessary
  • No programming
  • No firewall issues
  • No VPN or static IP required

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