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Electric Motor Rewinds

Commutator being finished by hand

SMD Small Motor Department

Engineer winding a soft wire stator

Electric Motors can be rewound easily, but often to the same specs which may have caused the problem in the first place. As part of an ERIKS rewind we look at the cause of the outage and work with our clients to repair or replace accordingly.

Part of this value added service we acknowledge the rewind costs, running costs, production outage and lead times. Then inform you if it would be more economical to buy a newer more energy efficient motor, giving you the best value for money.

An electric motor typically accounts for as much as 65% of a site's electrical energy usage. So ensuring your motors are running at their most energy-efficient can make all the difference to your profitability.

ERIKS Technical Services' multidisciplined expertise and over 95 years experience in refurbishment, maintenance and repair makes it easier for you to make your motors more efficient, more reliable and more productive.

ERIKS product range includes fractional horsepower equipment right through to 168,000 kilowatts, 55 Tonnes, these facilities are backed by a management system that is accredited to ISO 9001.

Electro Mechanical Repair have the ability to undertake work on electrical equipment that is used in hazardous areas. Selected sites are accredited by BASEEFA (British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment for Flammable Atmospheres) as being compliant with the stringent standards that are required by their Electro Mechanical Repair Licence Scheme.

Full services available are:
  • Repair & rewind of all rotating equipment including AC / DC motors, alternators and motor generator sets
  • VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) of windings.
  • Traction motor repairs / rewinds
    AC / DC servo motor repairs / rewinds, including those fitted to robots and machine tools
  • Motor audits and management programmes
  • Full traceability and identification
  • Detailed failure reports
  • Unbiased repair / replace advice
  • Rebuilds to as-new specification using genuine manufacturer parts
  • Full static and run tests
Underpinning this resource, is the desire to get to the root cause of your problems. Motor failures, in particular, are very often suffered unnecessarily and working closely with your electrical engineers on such areas as drive-end bearing failure, coupling alignment and other areas which cause the ultimate failure of windings, we can overcome some of these problems at an earlier stage which will be less costly and less catastrophic for the plant.
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