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Induction Heaters

ERIKS Bearing Heater

Speedfit mains frequency induction heaters (Bearing Heaters or Component Heaters) have been made at ERIKS, under its trading name of Lewis Berl for over twenty years. They are the ideal tool for the controlled expansion of bearings, couplings, gears, tubes and other interference-free components in production shops and plant maintenance departments.

There is simply nothing to touch them for speed, reliability, accuracy, convenience and safety! The range covers all requirements from the smallest bearing to components over 600mm (24") diameter and offers a host of useful features including:

Quick: Simply plug in and switch on. Items are ready for fitting in seconds or minutes

Safe: For both operator and work piece. The risk of mechanical damage is eliminated because only the work piece is heated
ERIKS Portable Bearing Heater

Clean: No contamination and no fumes mean a cleaner, healthier environment

Portable: Lightweight enough to be carried to assembly location. We also offer a complete mobile heating work station

Saves costs: Low energy consumption, no consumables, no servicing costs

Increases productivity: Speeds up work, reduces labour costs of assembly. Improved quality of fitting work reduces likelihood of early machinery failure

Output power control: and de-magnetisation facility (optional)

Timer controlled: Ideal for repetitive work (optional)

Temperature control: For accurate temperature control in the work place (optional)

Five year warranty: On main coil

Special purpose: Heaters and work stations custom designed and built

For production usage 415 Volt model recommended
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