A sweet solution to a lubrication problem

NSKs expert engineers quickly identified the reason for the manufacturers equipment breakdowns was water making its way into the rolling bearings <BR/>
NSKs expert engineers quickly identified the reason for the manufacturers equipment breakdowns was water making its way into the rolling bearings
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For a confectionery manufacturer suffering around €307,000 in production losses in a year, life isn't sweet. So not surprisingly, the company called in expert help to find out what was causing the repeated equipment breakdowns, and to provide a solution to the problem.

The food and beverage industries make great demands on the equipment they use - not only because they require long operating runs, but also because hygiene, health and safety are key requirements. So manufacturing equipment, components and lubricants must be highly reliable, and must meet stringent standards.

For example, sealing discs on belt drive bearings and sheaves must not distort during high pressure cleaning; bearings and their cages must be corrosion-resistant; and lubricants should not leak.

As one of the biggest rolling bearing manufacturers worldwide, NSK has a wide range of rolling bearings specifically for the food and beverage industry. Their construction features include rust-proof materials, sealed construction with lifelong lubrication, and foodstuff-compatible lubricants.

NSK's patented Molded-Oil™ lubrication system is specifically developed for situations requiring high levels of hygiene, such as in the food and beverage industries. The Molded-Oil™ lubricant (lubricants with USDA H1 certification can also be used) is transported by a matrix that releases the lubricant gradually, providing the required amount of lubrication to the bearing over a long period of time, making the bearings outstandingly smooth running. At the same time, the risk of oil leakage is minimised.

It was this Molded-Oil™ technology which helped a confectionery manufacturer to save more than €157,000 a year when they took advantage of the NSK Asset Improvement Programme. This profitability programme carries out on-site situational analysis, establishes problem-solving measures, plans the project, makes an effectiveness check, conducts conclusion analysis, and finally provides after-sales services.

NSK's expert engineers quickly identified the reason for the manufacturer's equipment breakdowns was water making its way into the rolling bearings of one of the pumping systems, leading to a build-up of sugar crystals in the plant.

The engineers recommended the use of NSK Molded-Oil™ bearings for the pumping system, which were then trialled over an 18-month period. Due to their success, all the plant's other original bearings were also subsequently replaced with NSK Molded-Oil™ units. Not only that, but the customer also undertook an AIP training programme for care maintenance, with impressive results.

Thanks to the NSK Asset Improvement Programme, the confectionery manufacturer now saves €157,000 a year on rolling bearing costs and maintenance. And thanks to the reliability of the NSK Molded-Oil™ bearings, they also enjoy increased production capacity.

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