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Quarrying, Mining and Construction

The recent poor economy hit the Quarrying and Mining Industry hard, the reduction in consumer demand meant a decline in the raw materials needed. To survive the tough economy and to maintain competitive advantage moving forwards, this industry's focus is placed firmly upon efficiency and cost reduction.

Quarrying, Mining and Construction

Ultimately customers in this industry need to be able to extract the materials they need from the ground in the most cost effective way, relying upon the most up to date methods of production, state of the art products and new technologies. Plant reliability is vitally important in minimising downtime and maximising uptime. Even a couple of hours downtime can result in huge losses.

Another crucial issue for the Quarrying, Mining and Construction Industry is Health and Safety. Working with explosives, falling rocks and large plant including crushers and diggers presents a large set of hazards, with an accompanying set of regulations and procedures set by the HSE to minimise these risks. Failure to comply is not an option, with employees lives in danger.

ERIKS can support all of these needs. As an OEM and MRO supplier we understand the harsh environment that your plant operates in and we have products that are not only heavy duty but also precise. Our supply network is populated with the worlds leading suppliers ensuring that we deliver a solution that exceeds your maintenance needs, with energy savings features built in as standard.

ERIKS Service levels are second to none, from simple parts supply to design, commissioning and installation of a product, you can be sure that ERIKS will increase your plant reliability and reduce your costs.
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