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Shaft Fixings

Do You Speak Fenner? Let's Torque Shaft Fixings!

3 Choices for Smart Shaft Fixing Solutions

Fenner Taper Lock® Bushes
Tried and tested in over 60 million applications, the Taper Lock® 4-hole bush is the most successful shaft fixing in the market place today with a full range of both metric and imperial sizes as well as a full range of weld-on hubs, bolt-on hubs and hub adaptors.
  • Quick and easy to install or remove
  • Unique 4-hole design to reduce vibration for balanced assemblies
  • Removes the need for re-boring with a full range of both metric and imperial bores
  • Manufactured from high grade, close-grain grey iron or steel
  • Available for shafts 9 to 125mm diameter (up to 7,400Nm transmission)

Fenner Shaft Fixings Range

FenLock™ Cone Clamping Elements
FenLock cone-clamping elements provide a wide range of keyless shaft/hub fixing assemblies offering simple installation, increased shaft strength and high torque transmission capacity.
  • Extreme duty, high torque transmission shaft fixing
  • Accommodates infinite axial and radial positioning
  • Can be installed and removed multiple times
  • Offers high torque transmission capacity
  • Enclosed design eliminates ingress of contaminants
  • The ultimate solution for arduous equipment, where high reliability is essential
  • Available for shaft sizes 6 to 900mm diameter - transmission of up to 1,650kNm

Fenner Trantorque GTR
Trantorque GTR keyless bushing is the ideal solution for high power or critical timing applications. It offers a mechanical shrink-fit eliminating the problems of fretting corrosion, backlash and key wallowing.
  • Precise radial and axial adjustments on shafts
  • Self centering, requires no location diameter to retain concentricity
  • Offers a mechanical shrink-fit eliminating backlash
  • Can be used directly over empty keyways to repair a worn or damaged connection
  • Ideal for quick change parts or assemblies

Available Sizes:
  • Trantorque Mini - 5 to 16mm shafts (up to 50Nm transmission)
  • Trantorque GTR - 15 to 75mm shafts (up to 2,000Nm transmission)

    Which Fenner Shaft Fixing Is Right for You?

Fenner Shaft Fixings Table
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