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Abrasives part of our leading brand Format

Tools and Maintenance

Abrasives are an important part of our Tooling business. We offer an extensive range of abrasives and related products from cutting discs, flap wheels, glass paper and glass sheet or roll.

Format, is our own brand of specialist tooling products that offers a fully comprehensive choice of high quality abrasives, competitively priced and manufactured to suit your needs.

Abrasives within this range include, grinding wheels, grinding and cutting discs, diamond cutting discs, abrasives on base and non-woven abrasive fabric.

Grinding discs are resin-bonded, soft non-woven with corundum on flexible fabric and are primarily used for grinding operations on surfaces, contours and for cleaning applications on metal and varnishes. For longer durability, simply add oil or water. The flexibility of the circles in surface grinding is determined by the hardness of the support.

Cutting discs ideal for cutting sheet metal, profiles and solid material from aluminium and other non-ferrous metals are stocked and readily available for immediate despatch.

We also have a complete series of diamond cutting discs in our abrasive range. The discs are made from high quality segmented steel ensuring long lasting quality. Our stocked grinding discs will suit all industrial applications from cutting concrete, reinforced plastics, gypsum plaster board profile sheet metals and are all suitable for cutting wet and dry materials in all environments.

Abrasive cloth belts offer a universal solution for machining of wood, alloyed or unalloyed steel as well as non-ferrous metals. Whatever your environment requires, we will have the perfect application for you.

We closely follow technical developments in the tooling field and apply this know-how into new customers applications. Flexible manufacturing allows the number of parts produced to vary from ones and twos to many thousands.

For further information on ERIKS Tools and Maintenance, please contact your local ERIKS service centre on 0845 006 6000 or click here to find your local service centre.

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