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Absorbent mats and rolls

Absorbent mats and rolls

Selecting the right absorbent shouldn´t have to be complex. That´s the thinking behind the Lubetech Black & White range. And it works.

There´s pads. One size. One thickness. Three grades. Or there´s rolls. The same thickness and grades with one length in two widths. And socks. One size. Three grades.

The choice of grade, whether it´s a pad, a roll or a sock is as simple as black, or white. Or yellow.
If the absorbents are to be used in an industrial environment, use black. The strong black coverstock has a great resistance to wear - and stays looking good for longer. Uses are endless. It could be on the floor. Or on a bench - as a heavy duty wipe.

Where only oils and fuels need to be absorbed, use white. Remember, these don´t absorb water or water-based fluids. For instance, if it´s water based cutting fluids, it´s back to black.

If there´s any aggressive chemicals that might need absorbing, put yellow in. They can still be used for everything else, including oils. It´s a safe choice if there´s any doubt.

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