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Air Leak Surveys

Air Leak Surveys

Air Leakage

Leakage is the single largest waste of energy associated with compressed air systems with rates exceeding 50% of site consumption being common.

The table below illustrates losses experienced within a typical system.

Diameter of Leaks (mm)Cubic Metre/DayLoss/Day £s/LeakLoss/Day £s/MonthLoss/Year £s/Per Leak

Ultrasonic Surveys

Detecting leaks is a straightforward matter and can be achieved by using the old fashioned soapy water technique. This works but is slow, messy and cannot be performed from a distance.
Air Leak Surveys

Why not let ERIKS conduct an ultrasonic survey or invest in an ultrasonic leak detector?
Air Leak Surveys

Good ultrasonic detectors can highlight leaks from over 50 feet away even in noisy plant areas enabling you to complete a survey in very little time and save a fortune in compressed air costs.
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