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Air leak survey saves £86,000

Air leak survey

Cavaghan & Gray, a leading supplier of own-label chilled ready meals and a part of Northern Foods´ Chilled Division, is making savings of £86,000 per year on the running costs of the compressed air installation at its factory in Carlisle as a direct result of an air-leak survey carried out by ERIKS UK.

Use of the latest ultrasonic leak detection technology made it possible for engineers from the ERIKS condition monitoring team to complete the comprehensive survey in just two days, without interrupting or even affecting the normal operations of the factory.

"Two aspects of our service were particularly appealing for Cavaghan & Gray," said Mark Eagling of ERIKS. "The first was the ability of our detectors to find even the most unobtrusive of leaks quickly and easily. The second was the accurate and proven formula ERIKS has developed to relate data from the survey to the actual financial loss resulting from each individual leak.

"As well as unequivocally confirming the exceptional value delivered by the survey, the financial information provided by our formula also makes it easy to prioritise remedial work."

While they were carrying out the survey, the ERIKS technicians were accompanied by a member of the Cavaghan & Gray maintenance staff. Not only did this ensure that no part of the compressed air installation was missed, it also meant that Cavaghan & Gray´s own terminology for machines and other plant could be used in the survey report, making it easy for the company to work with.

The report included a photograph of every leak, together with comments on why the leak was occurring and detailed recommendations for remedial action, which in every case, was simple and inexpensive to carry out. Also included for each leak was information about its financial impact on the running costs of the compressed air system.

"With savings of £86,000 per year achieved, it might sound as if the compressed air installation in the factory was in poor condition," said Mark Eagling, "but the results are in fact fairly typical for a regularly maintained installation of this size."

"It´s fair to say that Cavaghan & Gray was surprised by the amount of the savings, and it´s also fair to say that there are many other companies that, by spending just two or three thousand pounds on a similar survey and appropriate remedial work, could make savings equally as big, if not bigger."

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