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Appointing a Lead Assessor

Unless 100% of your organisation's energy use is covered by ISO 50001 certification, you will need to appoint a Lead Assessor to check and confirm that your assessment meets ESOS requirements. Your Lead Assessor can be either someone employed in your business or from an external contractor but must be a member of an approved ESOS Lead Assessor register.

A Lead Assessor's role could involve undertaking, advising on or reviewing the following activities:
  • Determining energy use profiles
  • Calculating energy/cost savings of measures identified - life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) or another method like Simple Payback Period (SPP)
  • Identifying energy saving opportunities
  • Presenting audit recommendations
  • Developing a process for how new audits should be done
  • Developing a sampling approach
  • Developing an audit timetable
  • Determining the number of site visits required
  • Pulling together data for an ESOS Evidence Pack

Your Lead Assessor can either carry out your ESOS assessment and audits themselves or check that those done by others who are not registered Lead Assessors fully comply with the ESOS requirements.

Choosing a Lead Assessor
  • Do they have energy auditing experience in the right sector?
  • Are they familiar with technology and processes in your industry?
  • Do they have experience of auditing against particular standards, for example to ISO standards?
  • Can they call upon a network of technical support for guarantee of every saving option?

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