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Safety valves in the MS series now also available in accordance with Performance Level "c"

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The MS valves by Festo have proven their worth at the maximum safety level with Performance Level "e". But not all machines and systems require these soft-start and exhaust valves in an emergency.

With immediate effect, the more attractively-priced safety valves MS6-SV and MS9-SV with Performance Level "c" are available with a higher venting capacity.

The core functionality of these safety valves MS6-SV-C and MS9-SV-C includes an electric on-off valve in combination with a soft-start valve. They are also suitable in limited construction space for a high pressurisation/exhaust flow rate on applications with medium safety requirements.

The safety valves MS6-SV-C and MS9-SV-C feature residual pressure-free venting and the freely adjustable pressure changeover point.

Due to their inherent soft-start function, unexpected movements by system components are avoided during start-up.

The safety valves fulfil SRP/CS Cat. 1, Performance Level "c" in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1. MS6-SV-C and MS9-SV-C are also suitable for applications with low switching frequencies, such as venting after emergency-off pushbuttons, light curtains or door locks have been activated.

On the MS6-SV-C, the standard nominal flow rate (from 1 to 2) totals 5,700 l/min, and the venting capacity (from 2 to 3) totals 7,600 l/min. On the MS9-SV-C, the standard nominal flow rate (from 1 to 2) totals 16,500 l/min, and the venting capacity (from 2 to 3) totals 20,500 l/min.

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