100V RS2 Advanced Servo Drive

Main Features:  
Improved precision and reduced cycle time

  • Rapid response 1200Hz
  • Shorter position settling time
  • Vibration control
  • Faster positioning Stabilization

15% Increased Torque of high rotation speed
Safety function (in option)
Easy setup for optimal operation

  • High performance auto-tuning
  • Improvement of usability
  • Setup software



Input Voltage:
1 x 100-115VAC 50/60Hz

Servo Drive Capacity:

15, 30A

Rated Power:

30W to 200W

Applicable motors:


Control modes & interfaces:

  1. Position : pulse train
  2. Velocity : analog +/- 10V
  3. Torque : analog +/- 10V
  4. EtherCAT


Regenerative resistance, Full-close, Safety function