3 Way Beer Actuator

A well known Brewery had developed a beer distribution and storage system that solved the problems associated with moving the industry standard steel kegs. Testing of the system revealed that a critical component, a pneumatic valve actuator, was not reliable. The famous Beer Brewer turned to ERIKS Automation, with the brief, to develop a new Automatic Beer Valve.

Strict hygiene rules dictate that beer pipelines are cleaned regularly. The cleaning process requires that the valve isolates the beer tank, then allows the cleaning fluids to flow through the pipeline. Once cleaning is completed, the valve isolates the cleaning solution, and restores the flow of beer to the pumps.

The 3 way valve must satisfy a number of requirements:

  • The valve has to withstand the caustic cleaning solution, so careful material selection is needed to ensure compatibility.
  • Prolonged submersion in beer can result in a buildup of residue, that might jam the valve. Therefore, the valve must be powerful enough to overcome the additional load.
  • In the event of a power failure, the valve must be able to be operated manually – requiring minimal resistance from the valve motor.
  • The Beer Valve is remotely controlled, so valve position signals need to be provided to the control panel.
  • The Automatic Beer Valve must fit inside the same, small envelope as the previous pneumatic version.
  • The Automatic Beer Valve must be able to withstand shocks, and be impervious to moisture.

ERIKS Automation developed a valve actuator that met, or exceed each requirement of the Beer Valve. The new electric beer valve is now a reliable part of the innovative beer distribution system.