400V RS1C Servo Drive

Main Features:  
Easy setup for optimal operation

  • Auto-tuning
  • 5-digit LEDs
  • Setup software

Improved precision and reduced cycle time

  • Rapid response
  • Vibration control
  • Faster positioning Stabilization

Reduced running costs  


Input Voltage:

3 x 380-480 VAC 50/60 Hz

Control Voltage:


Servo Drive Capacity:

25, 50, 100A

Rated Power:

500W to 20kW

Applicable motors:


Control modes & interfaces :

  1. Position : pulse train
  2. Velocity : analog +/- 10V
  3. Torque : analog +/- 10V
  4. CANopen


Regenerative resistance

CANopen Interface Specification :
CAN-Standard ISO-11898 (High-speed CAN)

Mode of Operation:

  1. Homing Mode (h.m)
  2. Profile Velocity Mode (p.v)
  3. Profile Position Mode (p.p)
  4. Interpolated Position Mode (i.p)

CiA DS301 Version 4.02
CiA DSP402 (CANopen device profile for drive and motion control) Version 2.0 applies

Bit Rate:

10Kbps to 1Mbps (Selected by R-Setup Software )

Max. nodes per segment :



RJ-45 type Modular connector (2 ports)

Max. Bus Length:

25m ( for 1Mbps)

Communication Objects:
*SDO (Service Data Object)
*EMCY (Emergency)
*SYNC (Synchronization Object)
*PDO (Process Data Object)
*NMT (Network Management)
*Node Guarding

PDO Transfer Modes:
*Synchronous transmission
*Asynchronous transmission