Gears and Drives

Compact Modules

Compact Modules from Bosch Rexroth come complete with drive unit and controller. As plug and play solutions, they simplify machine designs and speed up the commissioning process. They cover the entire spectrum of mid-range to high-end assembly and handling applications. These linear motion axes can be supplied with screw drive, belt drive or direct linear motor drive and offer high dynamics, high load capacities, and high rigidity. Especially important for designers: Not only does Rexroth offer its Compact Modules in various sizes and in any desired stroke length.

Compact Modules with Ballscrew Drive - CKK

Maximum Length: up to 2.200 mm
Maximum Speed: up to 1,3 m/s
Load Capacities: up to 89.340 N


Compact Modules with Toothed Belt Drive - CKR

Maximum Length: up to 5.500 mm
Maximum Speed: up to 5 m/s
Load Capacities: up to 56.530 N

Compact Modules with Linear Motor - CKL

Maximum Length: up to 2,800 mm
Maximum Speed: up to 3 m/s
Load Capacities: up to 13.646 N