Gears and Drives

DNCE-LAS Electric Linear Motor Cylinder


  • Maximum acceleration for optimum dynamics and minimal positioning times
  • Ready-to-use axis with all required components - Festo plug and work® for very easy logistics and installation
  • Free adjustment of speed, force and position using external power electronics with motor controller SFC-LACI
  • Different actuation using I/O coupling or fieldbus
  • Long service life and maintenance-free operation of cylinder thanks to internal plain bearing guide with integrated grease reserve


With integrated guide and stringent requirements for acceleration and dynamic position of small loads:handling, e.g. feeding or separating small parts

  • Electronics industry
  • Light assembly industry
  • Small parts assembly
  • Packaging technology
  • Handling technology 













Size 32 40
Stroke (mm) 100, 200, 320 100, 200, 320, 400
Nominal Force F (N) Up to 34 Up to 55
Peak Force F (N) Up to 41 Up to 202
Repetition Accuracy (mm) ±0.02 ±0.02