HortiAir Air Conditioning System

The HortiAir is an air conditioning system for climate control in greenhouses. ERIKS Automation workd closely with the client to provide the expertise and the automated systems for driving and controlling the valves in the system. A substantial increase in production was achieved with significantly lower energy costs. Proving that the HortiAir is not only an investment in technology, but also contributes to higher disposable income for growers and is thus more profitable.

The HortiAir is an air conditioning system is intended to regulate the climate. The system consists of 2 heat exchangers (recuperators with 4 valves per heat exchanger can be controlled) in series or parallel. By adopting this system are skylights/roof vents in the greenhouses no longer required (less capacity loss).

The HortiAir has 4 goals: 
1) Obtaining the proper moisture deficit 
2) Getting the right temperature 
3) Retention of CO2 in the greenhouse 
4) Cooling the greenhouse 

The HortiAir dramatically improves the efficiency and less environmental load. A double complex with the same heat and power capacity appears feasible.

The Advantages of the HortiAir

  • A significant improvement in efficiency - lower energy costs

  • A more uniform system

  • Small footprint an low investment cost of the units

  • No need for roof vents (lower building investment) and less CHP capacity

  • Higher CO2 concentration in the greenhouse and optimal control of the moisture, providing more substantial production.

  • Closed greenhouse, reducing pesticides needed and the introduced insects remain inside. The absecne of external influences ensure that that quality of the product being produced is better quality.