Electro Mechanical Services

Linear Modules

Linear Modules are linear motion axes composed of a variety of mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Depending on the model, they come with ball screw, toothed belt, pneumatic, or linear motor drive.

Plug and play offers clear benefits:

Thanks to their plug and play design, Linear Modules often provide clear benefits versus customer-built designs made up of individual components, especially in automation and handling applications. Linear Modules are standard solutions, proven many times over in the field. Despite the many predefined parameters, they still offer machine or system designers a considerable degree of freedom. Rexroth supplies its Linear Modules in any desired, millimeter-increment length, anywhere in the world. And user requests for special carriages, corrosion-protected versions, or special motor attachments with mount and coupling or side drive timing belt can be met at any time.

Benefits at a Glance:
  • Single sourcing: linear motion systems, screw drives, direct linear drives, and digital AC servo motors, digital controllers and control systems.
  • Ideally matched interfaces
  • The right drive for every application
  • Individual components are integrated and tuned to match the specific application
  • High quality: Nearly all of the quality-critical single components making up Linear Modules are manufactured by Rexroth itself
  • Available in any desired length –up to 12 meters in one piece
  • Optional extras: adapter plates, brackets, switches and sensor adapters, as well as fasteners and connectors for mounting to the Rexroth profile system
  • Reliable global supply and service logistics