Medical Technology

Medical TechnologyThis industry is concerned with providing essential equipment for the diagnosis and care of illness, machinery essential for the recuperation of injury to limbs and mobility and delivering increased independence to the older generation.

The demand for products developed and produced are set to increase with an aging population in not only the UK but the majority of the world. The increase in demand however, has not reduced the risks and regulations. Suppliers are increasingly required to prove the value of their products whilst also meeting stringent regulations from the Government and regulating bodies.

In addition, the need for innovation to increase efficiency and scope of the products whilst simultaneously reducing costs requires not only experienced and reliable suppliers, but ones who are able to draw on a multitude of skills to engineer solutions that reduce total cost of ownership while delivering competitive advantage.

Automation has fast become a crucial element of innovation for this industry, for products such as wheelchairs, stair lifts, rehabilitation and physiotherapy machines, moveable beds and lifting equipment.

ERIKS Automation is perfectly placed to meet these needs, with innovative comfort technology solutions already in testing and a unique understanding of the requirements of our customers, we are certain we can support your business needs.