Fluid Power

Profile rail guide tables LTSE

The LTSE range combines profile rail guides with linear motor drives. These ready-to-use solutions are designed to meet demands for high acceleration and speeds. The linear motor offers a non-contact and thus frictionless drive system. An integrated linear encoder can be used for precise positioning in µm range. For easy mounting the top and base are equipped with predefined interfaces.

LTSE slides are available with different options such as bellows, clamping devices and shock absorbers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Selected components allow very precise positioning
  • Highly dynamic movements for a wide range of applications
  • Short settling time increases efficiency and output
  • Multiple slide tops can be operated seperately if needed
  • High electrical efficiency reduces energy consumption
  • System integration as ready to use saves installation time
  • Different incremental and absolute linear encoders suitable for many environmental conditions
  • Clamping devices and / or shock absorbers for vertical applications



Guiding principle: profile rail guides

Drive: iron core linear motor

Linear encoder: optical, incremental / inductive, incremental / inductive, absolute

Widths: 160 mm to 250 mm

Heights: 88 mm to 95 mm

Stroke range: 60 mm to 3.560 mm

Speed: up to 5 m/s

Operating temperature: 0°C to +80°C

Optional: multiple slides in one system, energy chain, cable set


Typical applications

  • Factory automation
  • Laser machining
  • Measuring devices
  • Material handling
  • Electronic and semiconductor production machinery

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