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QD:E Series


Electrical Supply:

200-240V 1 Phase Supply, 0.37kW - 2.2kW

200- 240V 3 Phase Supply, 0.37kW - 4.0kW

380-480V 3 Phase Supply, 0.75kW - 11.0kW

IP Rating:

IP20, IP55 & IP66 

I/O Connections

2 programmable digital inputs

2 user-selectable digital or analog output

1 user-selectable digital or analog output

1 programmable relay (single pole)

Control Function

Internal PID control with feedback display

Compliant with EN61800-3:2004


Main Features:

The Fenner QD:E is a value packed basic drive suited for low power applications. Operating from a small space saving envelope the QD:E is fast to set-up, simple to use and suitable for most applications.

  • Easy to install, 14 basic parameters allow for quick commissioning
  • Simple keypad control
  • 50°C ambient temperature rating for hot, tough applications
  • Energy optimising functionality