Electro Mechanical Services

QD:Neo Series


Electrical Supply:

200-240V, 1 Phase Supply, 0.75kW - 2.2kW

200-240V, 3 Phase Supply, 0.75kW - 90kW

380-480V, 3 Phase Supply, 0.75kW - 160kW

IP Rating:

IP20, IP55, IP66

I/O Connections

3 programmable digital inputs

2 user-selectable digital or analog inputs

2 user selectable digital or analog outputs

2 programmable relays (1 change-over, 1 single poke)

Control Functions

Internal PID control with feedback display

Dedicated hoist operation mode

Compliant with EN61800-3:2004


Main Features:

The all QD:Neo provides world leading control for both standrad induction motors and permanent magnet motors

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Ultra quiet motor operation
  • Infra-red programming
  • Integral RFI filter
  • Up to 32kHz output switching frequency