Rotating Nut Solutions Ballscrews

The nut rotates inside bearings and moves along the fixed long lead screw shaft. The drive motor moves with the nut, so inertia problems, associated with a long rotating shaft, are minimised. This is why a counter-rotation system is necessary at the end of the screw shaft.


  • Compact solution, ready to use.
  • Faster engineering
  • Inertia considerably reduced:
  • Smaller, lighter, lower power motors.


  • Fixed screw shaft: simplified mounting
  • Inertia considerably reduced: 3 800 kgmm2 instead of 6 000 kgmm2 for a screw shaft, 40¥40-4,5 m stroke
  • Smaller, lighter, lower power motors
  • Higher linear speeds: up to 110 m/min
  • Nominal diameter: 25 to 50 mm
  • Lead: 20 to 50 mm
  • Two versions available:
    - Ball screw with axial play: SLT
    - Ball screw with backlash elimination: TLT
  • Two brush wipers are mounted in the standard configuration for better protection
  • Ball screw lubrication: through the nipple placed on the housing external diameter in the standard version, or as an option through the screw shaft