Solving Problems, Supplying Solutions

Most automation partners offer only a small part of the comprehensive service provided by ERIKS. This means they are essentially suppliers of components rather than of solutions.  ERIKS take the opposite approach.

We want to work with you at the earliest possible stage to assist in developing a bespoke solution unconstrained by existing components or current thinking.

  • We encourage customers to come us not just to source a part, but also with a problem to solve
  • We take a broader view and analyse the entire process
  • We devise the most effective way to meet your automation requirements and your specifications (equipment footprint and purchasing budget for example)
  • We operate a solution-neutral approach. So if the most effective solution is a relatively simple retro-fit, that is what we will recommend, design and install. 

This partnership gives you complete control in meeting your automation needs: efficienctly, cost-effectively and - if required, innovatively - from the moment you press the "Start" button.