Stepping Motor with Encoder

Based on 2-Phase and 5-Phase High Torque Hybrid stepping motors, this product range offer high torque with precise encoder feedback in compact size.

Main Features:

Stepping motors:

Square frame size: 42, 56 and 60 mm available in various lengths

Holding torque: 0.26 up to 2.7 Nm

Current per phase: 0.48 up to 4 A

Connection: Unipolar, Bipolar and Pentagon

Optical Encoders:

3 types of incremental optical encoders:

  1. S Type TTL compatible encoder
  2. L Type Line Driver encoder
  3. R Type cost effective encoder

Resolution: 200, 400 or 500 CPR

Channels: 2 or 3

Target Applications:
Medical applications, Dosing systems, Analyser, Pipettor, Incubator, Syringe crimper, Mammography, Robotics, Textile, Communication and Semiconductor industries.