TransportHow people move from point A to B varies, according to distance, time, cost and personal preference. As such there are many sub groups to this industry, including rail, automotive, marine and air.

In addition to moving people, consideration needs to be given to transporting goods including food, fuel and industrial products to name a few.

Needs for the variety of transport options and uses vary, but all are concerned with the price of fuel, the environment and the supporting infrastructure. In order to meet all these needs and continue to develop the infrastructure supporting this important element of the UK economy, it is vital for suppliers to apply out of the box thinking with innovative solutions.

As the industry becomes more sophisticated, ERIKS are perfectly placed to support your automation needs from solutions for trucks and trailers controlled from the drivers cab to locking and security to bespoke tools to improve safety.

As a leading supplier to many customers operating within the transport industry, you can be sure that ERIKS Automation can innovate and engineer a solution to support you.