Vali Aqua Underwater Scooter

An ERIKS customer, Vili Aqua had developed a new scuba dive scooter designed for both professional (sports divers) and recreational use. They were aiming to make several improvements over the old design, including; higher battery capacity to increase run time, increased pull capacity and reduced mass.

Following consultation and a detailed project plan ERIKS developed a drive system powered by top of the range Li-ion batteries, the torque was provided by a specially adapted high efficiency DC brushless motor and servo controller with dedicated software.

The results were impressive:

  • Battery capacity increased from 650Wh to 800Wh
  • Run time increased from 140 minutes to over 190 minutes – an increase of 36%
  • Pull capacity increased from 24Kg to 25Kg
  • Mass reduced from 22Kg to 14Kg – A decrease of 35%

As an added bonus the ERIKS drive system provides soft start and enhanced (one hand operation) speed control.