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Bearing Fitting

16% of premature failures are as a result of incorrect fitting!

Many bearings never stand a chance.  Damage incurred during fitting, typically through hammer blows administered to achieve an interference fit with mating components, can ruin your bearings before they even run.

Incorrectly applied force can transfer through the bearing and indent or deform the raceways and rolling elements.  An accelerated failure is then inevitable.

ERIKS help their customers select the correct fitting method and specify the right tools for the job. We also provide onsite and off site training in the best practice for bearing mounting/dismounting and our bearing experts are available to supervise the fitting of a critical bearing.

Following correct fitting practices will help you extend your bearing’s service life and reduce costs resulting from premature bearing failure.

Key products:

Bearing fitting tool


Bearing fitting tool SIMAFT 33

Minimises the danger of damaging the bearing during cold mounting Volcano Click for more...



Portable induction heater


Volcano portable induction heater

Safe and controlled heating of bearings to achieve suitable thermal expansion for interference fits




Split Roller Bearings with angled housing

Correct set up is easy and quick to achieve with completely split to the shaft bearings



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