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Bearing Lubrication

Most bearings require some form of lubricant. Selecting the right lubricant, in the right quantity and specifying correct re-lubrication intervals is not an easy task.

Although ‘sealed-for-life’ bearings can be fitted, some 36% of premature bearing failures are still caused by incorrect specification and inadequate application of lubricant.  It may surprise you to know that over-lubrication can be as damaging as under-lubrication.

ERIKS has dedicated lubrication engineers, who can source and select the optimum lubricant, help choose the most effective delivery method, and where practical, design out re-lubrication all together.

Re-lubricating bearings which are not always easily accessible can be challenging.  ERIKS can specify, install and even manage the right lubrication products and regime ranging from grease guns to fully automated systems. 



Automatic delivery of lubricant to a single point for up to 12 months requiring no external power source.  Sl10 version features NSF H1 accredited food grade grease and SL18 features food safe oil.

Multi-point lubricator


Multi-Point Lubricator which can supply 8 to 20 lubrication points with metered amounts of grease.  Runs off AC or DC power supply.

Molded oil

NSK / RHP Molded-OilTM

Molded-OilTM fills the free space in the bearing with a a polyolefin resin impregnated with lubricating oil.  Oil slowly seeps from the carrier material and provides ample lubrication for the bearing.  Excellent performance in water and dust contaminated environments, environmentally friendly as excludes lubricant leakage.


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