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Bearings and Lubrication

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ERIKS are not just a bearing supplier, our bearing engineering know-how can produce significant reductions in downtime and maintenance costs while helping you increase productivity.

We can help you positively impact the total cost of your bearings.

Total Cost of Ownership

Since more than 60% of bearings fail prematurely, you need a fast replacement every time, ERIKS expertise — and our in-house technical specialists - mean we won’t just identify the failure. We isolate the cause, propose the solution and, if necessary, can also design, manufacture and install special solutions.

Our broad technical knowledge and product impartiality means that if the solution is lubricant, sealing or design related, we’re still able to quickly recommend the correct course of action, provide the product and fit it minimising downtime and reducing the impact on your plant’s performance.

ERIKS offers over £5 million of bearing stock available the day with a further £150 million of stock available next day, our close relationships with all the key suppliers ensures we can always supply the right bearing or lubricant for you.

Preventing Failures

But why wait until a bearing fails? We can also provide condition monitoring and vibration analysis, to enable proactive, predictive maintenance: quickly and expertly resolving a small problem before it becomes a bigger one.

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