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Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is only as good as the data taken and it takes a skilled engineer to interpret the results accurately.  ERIKS is proud of its team of condition monitoring experts across the UK who specialise in analysis of electromechanical machinery. 

Facilities and resources include:Bearing condition monitoring

  • Dedicated Condition Monitoring Business Unit
  • In-house nationwide network of ISO 18436 certified Condition Monitoring personnel
  • Latest high resolution thermographic equipment
  • Market leading vibration analysis data collectors and software
  • Oil analysis facilities
  • Ultrasound (airborne) detectors with calculation facility

Capabilities:Bearing condition monitoring

  • Experts in electromechanical machines/rotating equipment
  • Accurate analysis of machine data in a form you can understand
  • Multidisciplined Condition Monitoring personnel
  • Heat energy surveys with cost saving formationn
  • Cost avoidance SLAs
  • Flexible local staff to fit with your schedules
  • Machine protection by:
  • Periodic portable monitoring
  • Linking to PLC/SCADA or internet
  • Stand-alone protection
  • Permanent data collection
  • Alerts by email, text and digital output
  • National, regional and local CM management structure


SKF Certified maintenance partner 

ERIKS are proud to be SKF’s only national Certified Maintenance Partner

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