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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage manufacturers are faced with producing safe products and controlling costs, Food and beverage industrywhilst still remaining flexible to meet the ever changing demands of the consumer. 

It doesn’t matter if your facility is a dairy, a bakery, produces confectionary, is a bottling or canning plant or even produces snack foods through deep frying, many of the key challenges your bearings face will be the same.

ERIKS also works with customers at the start of the food processing cycle, those involved with fish processing, industrial rendering and meat packing at slaughterhouses, in the sugar refining industry and at vegetable packing plants. 

Across all sectors the key industry drivers include:

  • Plant Safety - Maintaining plant and operator safety at all times.

  • Product Safety and Hygiene - Ensuring the finished item is free from contaminants and any product coming into contact with raw materials and finished products are “food-safe” mean that plants are regularly washdown.

  • Productivity - Increasing output can mean increasing speeds and loads on bearings, increased temperatures and quicker but lower chilling cycles.

  • Energy Efficiency - Energy consumption is key to all production facilities.

  • Waste - Cutting production waste saves money so you need accurate, repeatable and reliable bearing solutions.


Bearing applications can be wide and varied but generally can be split into preparation (wash, mix, grade etc) processing (fry, bake, chill etc) post processing and packaging (bag, bottle, weigh etc) and conveying.  Key factors affecting bearing performance include:

  • Continual wash down - Bearings must be able to cope with the need for constant wash down and cleaning.  Seals must be robust and lubricant chosen for sealing as well as lubricating while maintaining compliance with legislation.

  • Extremes of temperature - Ovens, fryers, chillers etc all put bearings under extremes of temperature, especially if the bearing is heated and cooled regularly.  Extremes of temperature are particularly challenging for lubricants and can cause rapid lubricant degradation.

  • Bearing Lubrication -  Understanding accreditation and classifications including DIN standards, ISO standards and the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program can be a minefield in itself.  Knowing where to use NSF H1 Lubricants which may be used when contact with food cannot be technically excluded (incidental contact) or where NSF H2 (Applies to lubricants that may be used when contact with food is technically excluded (no incidental contact) is no simple matter.


Key products and solutions:

RHP lube

RHP Silver-Lube and Life-Lube

Market leading Self-lube housed unit bearings are so adaptable and flexible they have become the bearing of choice for many equipment designers and manufacturers.  A wide range of upgrades are available, especially suited to Food and beverage applications the plastic housing, stainless steel bearing silver-lube versions and the Life-lube variant with the addition of NSK Molded-OilTM technology.  For areas with regular washdown and or high humidity.

Molded oil

NSK / RHP Molded-Oil

Molded-OilTM fills the free space in the bearing with a polyolefin resin impregnated with lubricating oil.  Oil slowly seeps from the carrier material and provides ample lubrication for the bearing.  Excellent performance in water and dust contaminated environments; environmentally friendly as excludes lubricant leakage. Click for more...

Extreme temperature bearings

SKF Extreme Temperature Bearings and Units

Suitable for operating temperatures up to 350 °C and re-lubrication-free.  Available for deep groove ball bearings and Y-bearings, featuring a manganese phosphate surface treatment and pure graphite cage. 

Dry lube bearings

SKF DryLube bearings

Features a graphite and resin binder for use in virtually all bearing types with minimal lubricant loss, no re-lubrication and operating temperatures up to 350 °C.  Also suitable for oscillating movements

Solid oil bearings

SKF Solid Oil Bearings with NSF approved oil

Filled with a polymer matrix saturated with oil rather than conventional grease, make re-lubrication unnecessary while protecting against contaminant ingress.  For areas with dust and other process contaminants.Click for more...



Automatic delivery of lubricant to a single point for up to 12 months requiring no external power source.  Sl10 version features NSF H1 accredited food grade grease.


Food grade bearings seals the deal

Phil Burge, Country Communication Manager at SKF, explains how specially designed SKF bearings help to reduce the chance of product recalls in the food industry.

Product recalls in the food industry – a nightmare that every company needs to avoid – are often caused by hard or sharp objects finding their way into the product. Click for more ....