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Bearings - Products and Services

At ERIKS we supply as wide a range of bearing types as you can imagine. 

Plain, rolling and linear are all in our stocked ranges along with many more specialised variants and bearing accessories and components.


Plain bearing   Roller bearing elements   Precision bearing
Plain Bearings   Rolling Bearing Elements (Ball and Roller)   Precision Bearings
Linear bearing   Housings and components   Split bearings
Linear   Housings and Components   SRB Split
Bearing maintenance tools   Bearing lubricants   Condition monitoring products
Maintenance Tools   Lubricants and Lubricant Devices   Condition Monitoring Products and Services
Fitting services   Slewing rings   Plastic bearings
Fitting Services   Slewing Rings   Plastic
Special bearings        

We have the ability to supply linear components and rail, with our bespoke rail cutting service. 

Maintenance Tools and Lubricants are also available from ERIKS along  with preventative maintenace with Vibration Analysis and Thermographic Surveys carried out by our time server engineers. You don't just pay for a survey you pay for an investigation and a proposed solution.

Our expert fitting service ensures a perfect fit everytime, ensuring the correct bearing is used and fitted to industry standards.

We also have the ability to tailor you a solution with special bearings, slew rings and split bearings.

Whatever your requirements ERIKS have know-how to give you the best solution.