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Repair or Replace

Offering our customers the choice of repair or replace has been a central philosophy at ERIKS for many years.  We know that in some circumstances especially with larger bearings, refurbishment can be considerably more cost effective than replacement.

As bearing engineers we also know that refurbishment needs to be carried out to the same Bearing repair or replacestandards as original manufacture and only after qualified technical assessment to determine viability and the nature of the work to be carried out. 

You’ll be reassured to know all of our refurbishments start with a deep clean and detailed assessment of the current condition of the bearing and if we don’t think refurbishment will give you the extra running time you require, we’ll be upfront with the performance you can expect and help you source a new item.

We have access to our own Revolvo bearing manufacturing facility as well as the refurbishment facilities of our partner suppliers to ensure that we can offer the very best quality in refurbishment services and the most competitive timeframe.