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Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

The self-aligning ball bearing has two rows of balls and a common concave sphered raceway in theself aligning ball bearing outer ring. The bearing is consequently self-aligning and insensitive to angular misalignments of the shaft relative to the housing.

It is particularly suitable for applications where considerable shaft deflections or misalignment are to be expected. Additionally, the self-aligning ball bearing has the lowest friction of all rolling bearings, which allows it to run cooler even at high speeds.

Self-aligning ball bearings with extended inner ring are designed for less demanding applications using commercial grade shafting. The special bore tolerance allows easy mounting and dismounting.

Self-aligning ball bearings with extended inner ring are axially located on the shaft by means of a pin or shouldered screw, which engages in a slot at one side of the inner ring and also prevents the inner ring from turning on the shaft.

When two self-aligning ball bearings with extended inner ring are used to support a shaft, they should be positioned so that the inner ring slots either face each other, or are at the outboard positions of the bearings. If this is not the case, the shaft is axially located in one direction only.