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ERIKS is the UK distribution partner for Simatec, an independent family-owned enterprise, with a history spanning 30 years of innovative product developments from it’s base in Switzerland.
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The Simatec Simalube is the definitive single point lubricator, a gas powered single point automatic lubricator filled with 30, 60, 125 or 250 ml of grease or oil. The patented hydrogen producing dry cells drive a piston to dispense lubricant at a consistent rate of between 1 and 12 months, which is adjustable in operation. PIC OF SIMALUBE

ERIKS have been a partner of Simatec for number a of years, since simatec entered the global market under their own brand name.  Previously ERIKS had purchased simatec produced products carrying other brand names and our relationship with Simalube stretches back 20 years or more.

Key Products:



Automatic delivery of lubricant to a single point for up to 12 months requiring no external power source

Simalube Automatic lubricator View 

Portable induction heater

Volcano portable induction heater

Safe and controlled heating of bearings to achieve suitable thermal expansion for interference fits

 Volcano induction heater View 


Bearing fitting

Bearing fitting tool SIMAFT 33

Minimises the danger of damaging the bearing during cold mounting Volcano

Simatool fitting tool FT 33 View 

Simatool seal puller SP 50 View 

Simatool ball bearing puller BP 61 View 

Simatool maintenance kit MK 10  View