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Bearings are an inherently sustainable product.  A bearing exists to save energy by reducing friction and the associated energy losses.   

Another fact which often goes unmentioned is that bearings are made from very high percentages of recycled steel and almost all metal bearings and components can be fully recycled at the end of their life and could well be turned into new bearings.

But there is always room for improvement and recent years have seen the introduction of even more efficient bearings, such as the SKF E2 range and significant developments in the area of lubrication to address usage levels and waste in an innovative and performance enhancing way.

Key products:-

SKF E2 energy efficient ball bearings
SKF E2 Energy Efficient Ball Bearings
The frictional moment of an SKF Energy Efficient bearing is, on average, approximately 50% reduced compared with the frictional moment of a standard SKF shielded deep groove ball bearing resulting in the consumption of 20 to 50% less energy.
Revolvo SRB
Revolvo Split Roller Bearings
Split to the shaft Housed Cylindrical Roller Bearings which can be assembled around the shaft in situe, reducing the need for heavy lifting equipment to remove surrounding components and reducing the risk of damaging mating components such as couplings.
The leading gas powered single point automatic lubricator which when set correctly guards against over lubrication and reduces waste.

ERIKS' Planet+

ERIKS' Planet+ is an initiative which influences everything we do - for ourselves and for our customers.  Planet+ covers four main areas, positive energy, pollution, waste and risk reduction. 

Energy reduction Pollution reduction Waste reduction Risk reduction

Within these 4 areas we actively search for the products and technologies to positively impact the day to day operations of our customers. 

For more information on ERIKS' Planet+ click here.