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Waste and Recycling

Waste and recycling is a fast moving, rapidly changing sector adapting to government Waste and recycling industrylegislation and consumer needs.

Plants needs to be adaptable, and while much infrastructure is relatively modern, there are a number of challenges to keeping pace with handling more and more different materials as it becomes ever more economical to sort and salvage different media.

Key industry drivers include:

  • Enhanced safety - Products that give greater reliability and more predictable failure modes are key to the safe operation of any industry.  But with lots of shock loads and unexpected contaminants inevitable in the materials to be sorted or recycled, it’s even more crucial.
  • Simplified maintenance - With bearings often hard to reach, products and solutions requiring the minimum maintenance are required or those which require no maintenance at all.
  • Reduced downtime through speed and ease of replacement - When a bearing does need replacement, plant uptime is at stake and the longer your plant is off, the more it hits your bottom line. 

Serving all plant recycling and sorting plant and infrastructure including Material Recycling Facilities (MRF’s) Energy from Waste (EFW) facilities and incineration plants, Anerobic Digestion (AD) sites, waste transfer stations, landfill and Biomass operations. Common applications include conveyors, sorters, screw conveyors and many more.


Key factors affecting bearing performance include:

  • Contamination and damage - Who knows what will pass through your sorting facility today?  Bearings can be contaminated with tiny particles of dirt or have the seals ripped off by tape and pallet strapping wrapping round the shaft. The right bearing and sealing solution means not just a heavy duty seal but a heavy duty housing as well.
  • Heavy duty cycle - High loads, shock loads and vibration are a challenging mix.  When a contaminant enters the process and stops everything dead, huge forces can be instantaneously transferred through the bearing.


Key products and solutions:

Revolvo SRB
Revolvo Split Roller Bearings (SRB)
Fully split to the shaft Housed Cylindrical Roller Bearings with brass cages, perfect for trapped applications, where surrounding equipment would have to be removed (couplings, motors, gearboxes etc.) to fit a normal bearing.  With brass cages and seals which move with the bearing during misalignment to ensure no sealing gap occurs, SRB’s are ideal for heavy duty and contaminated applications.
Spherical roller bearing solid block housed unit
Timken Spherical Roller Bearing Solid-block Housed Units (formerly QM Blue-Brute)
Timken® spherical roller bearing solid-block housed units are designed for the most challenging circumstances. Made with cast-steel housings and Timken high-performance spherical roller bearings, these are the only spherical roller bearing housed units to offer steel solid-block housing as standard.
Automatic delivery of lubricant to a single point for up to 12 months requiring no external power source. Ideal for trapped and hard to reach applications, including those behind interlocking guards.