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Beer and Foodstuff Light Flexible Hose DELIFIXX-LITE


The DELIFIXX-LITE rubber hose from RX is a premium beer hose for transport of beer, wine, alcoholic (max. 40%), and non-alcoholic drinks, and fruit juices.
The RX DELIFIXX-LITE rubber hose is also suitable for oily and fatty foodstuff.

The hose boasts a high performance (mechanical and thermal stress) under the harshest cleaning conditions.
It is odourless and tasteless inner liner to guarantee that the conveyed medium remains absolutely unchanged.
Special corrugation of the outer cover allows utmost flexibility and is exceptional easy to handle.

The temperature range is from -30 °C to +90 °C continuous can be steamed at 130 °C / 30 minutes with a bursting pressure of 45 bar.

Internal wall features of the RX DELIFIXX-LITE rubber hose include:

  • Smooth, mirror-like, light colour CR/ NR based rubber
  • Odour and tasteless
  • Resistant to the harshest cleaning agents and trouble-free CIP
  • Oil and fat resistant (max 40%)
  • Animal Ingredients Free (ADI-free)

The outside wall is sparkling red EPDM based rubber and smooth with cloth finish.
The outside wall is durable, abrasion, weather and age resistant.

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