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Belt Scrapers

Conveyor Belt Scrapers

Belt scraper systems from ERIKS provides users of belt conveyors throughout industry with large savings from material recovery and extended operating life.

The innovative belt scrapers remove material right down to the belt surface, cleaning the belt and recovering even the last 1/10mm of carry back material.

The self-adjusting design uses a torsion mount to apply low contact pressure, extending the life of belts, mechanical fasteners and scraper blades and resulting in more efficient operation at higher conveying speeds.

The close contact of the belt scraper blade edge to the belt surface leads to success in cleaning belts transporting fine and delicate material such as powders, vegetable oils and tobacco. Our design is significantly more effective than alternative scrapers using solid blocks on fixed arms or sprung trailing arm scrapers with blunt blade edges.
In both instances, the older designs allow stubborn carry back material to build up on the front of the blade thus making the scraper ineffective. Material then passes the scraper and builds up on transmission components, particularly on return rollers, this material is then deposited on the floor along the length of the belt causing excessive wear on conveyor components and costly maintenance problems. The BMS scraper from ERIKS removes all carry back material and retains it within the material flow of the conveyor system thus there is no loss of saleable final product.

ERIKS are offering the BMS belt scraper system in three versions to allow for light, medium and heavy-duty operation. All versions are extremely stable and due to the light contact pressure allow belt speeds of up to 8 m/sec, compared to less than 2 m/sec for more basic designs. The units are ideally suited to use in mining and aggregate industries, woodworking, farming, food processing, confectionary, plastics and pharmaceuticals. Where hygiene standards and frequent wash downs are applied, there is also a full stainless steel option available.
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