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Benefits and Applications

PTFE Rotary Seals Benefit Factory

PTFE Rotary Seals Benefit Tank

PTFE Rotary Seals Benefit F1

PTFE Rotary Seals Benefit Temperature

PTFE Rotary Seals Benefit Tractor

Low Friction

Generates less torque - Less heat - Requires less power

Typical Applications: Conveyor Rollers, electric motors, rolling stock, generators, compressors, vacuum pumps, high performance vehicles

Aggressive Media Resistance

Unaffected by solvents, chemicals, acids, synthetic & adulterated oils

Typical applications: Chemical processing equipment, pumps, mixers, agitators, blenders, pharmaceutical and foods.

Temperature Extremes

-100 Celcius to +250 Celcius

Typical Applications: Aerospace, military, automotive, steel mills, crankshafts, moulding machines

Dry Running Qualities

Reduced breakout friction and stiction

Typical Applications: Powder sealing, dust/dirt excluders, off road vehicles, radar equipment, paper mills

Other Advantages

  • Low lip wear ensuring prolonged service
  • Unaffected by UV & Oxidation
  • No garter springs
  • Reduced shaft grooving
  • Tolerant to shaft eccentricities
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