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Bonded Washers

Bonded Washers

Bonded Washers are a simple pressure gasket providing leak-proof sealing from water, gasses, oils and other fluids.

Originally designed to replace copper washers in high pressure systems. The bonded seal comprises of a metal washer (rectangular or square section), bonded to a trapezoidal elastomeric ring.

Bonded Washers are suitable for screw connections, pipe joints and hose couplings etc. Standard materials are nitrile and fluorocarbon, combined with the zinc plated mild steel metal outer ring.

Bonded Washers are available in metric and imperial ranges to suit pipe connections and couplings as recommended in ISO 1179:1973 (formerly CETOP recommendation).
Advantages of this system are the metal washer resists the bursting forces applied and also limits any deformation of the elastomeric element. The washer also limits the compression of the seal eliminating any over torque of the joint.

Seal Summary:

  • Reliable high and low pressure sealing
  • Wide temperature capability
  • Over compression prevented by metal outer ring
  • Wide range of metals and elastomers
  • Available in a wide range of imperial and metric sizes

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