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Brand-Rex five year MRO contract

Brand-Rex has awarded a five-year, single-supplier MRO contract to ERIKS' Integrated Solutions Division. The contract covers Brand-Rex's Glenrothes manufacturing site and consolidates ERIKS' market leading position as the supplier of choice for dedicated on-site services within the manufacturing sector.

Brand-Rex provides complete cabling systems that connect IT equipment in homes, offices and datacenters. It also manufactures specialty cabling for applications where high temperature, abrasion and chemical resistance alongside size and weight limitations are particular challenges. These cables are found in marine, aerospace, rail, automotive and industrial applications.

As part of the MRO contract, ERIKS has deployed dedicated resources onto the Brand-Rex Glenrothes manufacturing site since November last year and has already helped the company with its stores and maintenance operations. "Our first action was to enhance the company's existing stores and stock management system," explains Alasdair Stronach, ERIKS' Business Unit Manager. "We are now operating the stores to demanding 5S standards, which gives us greater visibility and traceability and ensures that we have the right stock, in the right volumes at the right time... without any significant increase in stock holding inventory. Not only does this save money but it also makes all elements of the maintenance campaign more efficient."

ERIKS Integrated Solutions (IS) provides maintenance procurement and logistics to many major UK companies. Often including an ERIKS branch on site and managed stores for large manufacturing sites, ERIKS IS takes responsibility for running the stores and keeping all the production equipment and buildings running smoothly. It employs every predictive maintenance, cataloguing and repair trick in the book to meet certain KPIs - based on minimising downtime, maximising equipment availability and reducing energy consumption among others.

Although it can leverage the enormous number of maintenance products and cutting-edge maintenance services and techniques available throughout the ERIKS group, the division's success relies ultimately on its ability to shoulder the responsibility for the management and delivery of the full MRO aspect of operations at large plants, allowing them to run smoothly and efficiently, while providing guarantees on controlled expenditure to senior management.

ERIKS Integrated Solutions, already supplies services to 10 of the UK's top 100 manufacturing sites in the UK and the addition of Brand-Rex is an additional justification for the capabilities that ERIKS has to offer. With outsourcing gaining popularity in the industrial sector, it is only those that can offer a full-service capability that will provide the best possible service; and ERIKS is well out in front.

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